Porto Portugal

Porto is a beautiful place, a mix of old and new. There is lots of revitalizing going on, construction projects everywhere. This city has a lot in common with San Francisco in the U.S. There are lots of steep hills, beautiful bridges, tram cars, and houses seemingly on top of houses. We have a few days here so plenty of time to explore.

What I notice first are the tiles, they are everywhere, on most of the buildings and all different. Some are actually made into murals.

We happened to go into the train station. What a surprise, it was incredible. It is the São Bento Railway station.

The 1st tiles were placed in 1905, there are 20,000 azulejo tiles by Jorge Colaco in the vestibule. I will put a link about this at the end of this post.

We were pretty awestruck, it was amazing!

We got a tickets for the hop on hop off bus. The city is big and the bus also goes across the river into Gaia. Both are known for Port wine and sandy beaches. We checked both out.

The bridge uses both levels for traffic. We walked back on the lower level. I just couldn’t do the top, I think it was enough that I walked across it at all.

We try local food and of course the Port wine. Both fantastic!

The next day I want to go back to the beach so we jump on the bus again. I really liked these trees, nothing said what kind they are. It is a beautiful day and we really enjoyed walking around. Well I did, Al grabs a bench when ever he can, that foot is going to have to be looked at.

I think it is so cool that we are at the other side of the Atlantic.

These are from the 1st time we went to the beach, limpet shells, sea glass, a cool piece of tile and other bits and pieces. Al reminds me I still have to carry everything I pick up. I have 2 rocks in my backpack already from the Camino.

We walk along the beach back to the next bus stop. We decide to walk out here also. It really is lovely.

The sun is setting on our last night in Porto.

Thank you all for following along with us, thanks also for your prayers and encouragement. We are both missing home and looking forward to being back with our family again.

Until next time, be well


2 comments on “Porto Portugal

  1. Ed Mullen says:

    Thanks for writing. I enjoyed your journey.

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