Day 27, Santiago bound

Less then 20 kms to go until we walk into Santiago! We were really hoping the rain would just stay away a bit. A woman explained to us that last year they had a drought in Spain. She also thinks we all crazy to be walking when it rains everyday. We walk out of town and into a eucalyptus grove.

AJ has been walking with us now for 3 days. A lesson for him in patience I am sure. He has been great about it.

You have probably all figured out by now that I like plants, rocks and trees, it is fascinating to me that they are still growing things, these look like young plants to me. There are also fruit and nut trees everywhere. I picked a couple of figs yesterday. Lots of orchards where the fruit just seems to be on the ground. Not sure why.

Me investigating a mushroom.

Well the rain started again. It is a very cold rain.

I normally have no sense of smell, but recently since the medicine in Leon I started smelling things. I tried to smell one of these trees but it is the leaves that smell of eucalyptus. I may have been a little annoying trying to guess what’s that smell for the last few days . 😁

10 kms to go! They are not easy or fun to walk, but grueling long and hard.

Walking into the outskirts of Santiago, up hill, of course, I just want to get there. We have a snack while walking, an orange for Al and I eat a power bar. We normally walk all day, leaving around 8, stopping for a quick coffee, then lunch around 1, if there is a place. Today, just coffee and a snack. We had no real break. Our plan was to make it to town, stay at a nicer place, get a real room that has a bathtub! So we finally make it, wet and cold to the bone, AJ can’t stop shivering. We want to get to wherever we are sleeping, take showers, get dry and then go to pilgrim office. Everything sold out! No! So we order lunch, which is good but takes way to long. We call more places, nothing. AJ really did not want an Albergue, but he wants warm and dry more. So we settle on a place close by and check in.

If you can imagine, the rain is worse, it’s like a monsoon out there. Everyone’s umbrella is bent backwards. It’s all so anticlimactic, we are happy to be here and done, but we also just want it behind us.

We are again soaked to the skin. It is still a couple of kms to the pilgrim office to complete our Camino and get our Compostelas.

This is Al’s Compostela and then a pilgrim passport.

The passport is a little booklet that had places for stamps. Every Albergue at night would stamp our pilgrim passports and make sure we had real ones s well. We could also get a stamp at churches or some restaurants and bars. The back side is all stamped up also.

So I will probably blog a few more times until we go home, maybe do a follow up I am not sure yet.

Do any of you have any questions?

More to follow, until then be well.

6 comments on “Day 27, Santiago bound

  1. Gary Modzelewski says:

    What time of the year was your first Camino and do you have a recommendation on the best time of the year to take this journey?

    • dorcor6 says:

      We went during September last time. It did get very warm. I really did like this time of year, not too hot, maybe just a couple of weeks earlier would have been perfect. I would want to avoid the rainy times and the crowded times. Next time, the route through Portugal. 👍

  2. Karen says:

    So could you smell the eucalyptus? We have been having a lot of rain, heavy rains, high winds, and thunderstorms. The leaves are almost off the trees. It is interesting that we are having similar weather patterns.

    • dorcor6 says:

      Yes, I could smell the eucalyptus! I tried the trees, which were amazing, the bark all peeling some were mossy. All I smelled was an earthy kinda smell. AJ crushed a leave for me, that’s where the smell was. AJ also brought me dill and pine boughs to smell.

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