Day 26, almost to Santiago

We left Arzúa which was a pretty big city and hope to make it to Pedrouzo. It took some time getting out of the bigger town. Also it is seriously raining today. We are in a conga line again today. Groups of people passing us, lots of Bien Camino!! Everyone in rain gear. 5th day of rain so far, but tomorrow, we reach Santiago.

I have really enjoyed this walk, Al and I have had time for some serious conversations. Aj and I as well. I have loved hearing them behind me, snatches of conversations, bits and pieces of arguments over silly stuff, Tv shows or music. Lots of singing. Trying to remember songs, which reminds me. Aj asked me awhile ago why I say, “until then, be well”? Well thats kind of a long story. We sing a lot of hymns at our church, Preston City Bible Church. Our pastor, David Roselund likes to tell us the story behind some of the songs we sing. This one, It is Well With My Soul, by Horatio_Spafford has always resonated with me. The man who wrote it had a family, prosperous business, everything he wanted. Then one by one, he loses it. Through it all he was able to maintain, no matter what, it is well with him. So when I am saying, “until then be well”, I know we all are on different walks, doing different things, some of you I have never even met.

I have had a difficult year, lots of things, I was laid off from a job where I had been happily employed for 31 years. I felt a little worthless for a bit. I found out two of my younger children were dealing with drug addiction. One of my daughters nearly died from an overdose. She wasn’t breathing when the EMTs got there, after 3 doses of Narcam, she revived. Almost lost her. Another daughter had a difficult pregnancy and her son who was born 5 months ago still hasn’t left the hospital due to a birth defect that affects his heart. We all have stuff, burdens we quietly bear. We get beat up some times by life, scars on the inside where no one can see, same as me, but through it all, It is well with me and I hope and pray that until we get together again via this blog, it is well with you also. So that’s the story with that. 🙂

I think this is so lovely!

Notice the happy faces! We were miserable!

Now he is smiling now, 25 km to go.

Everyone thought AJ was a little crazy with the shorts. The rain was frigid, but once you’re soaked it just didn’t matter anymore. One day I wore two layers thinking it would help, no, I’m afraid not. It felt like I had lead weights on my legs.

Around 2 something we were just starved. We stopped at this road side place and thought we would just get something to warm us up because we were just so tired and worn out. It turned out there was a special and everyone just got that, kinda wether you wanted it or not. So the waiter asks us, 3 for lunch? Yes 3. There’s a bottle of house wine, we have that. Then 3 beers from the tap. and bread, a whole urn of bean soup. Then salad with tomato’s and thin onions drizzled with olive oil. Then a platter of slices of beef over a mound of fried potatoes! Then dessert. He also comes around with this big silver pot of black coffee and then some kind of liquor poured into that!!! We had to say no to that. All of this, 10e a piece! You just can’t beat that! And our waiter was so nice! We left there replete! Walking on air, but also a little like we just had a thanksgiving meal! Nap time! Man we felt good but ready to just lie down, and it’s pouring! Really drenching cold rain.

We finally make it to a town, decide we have had enough, only 20 kms today. We have to back track to find and Albergue. The 1st two we try are both full. One of the places was willing to call around for us to find us a place. Cereal for dinner again but our lunch was just so fantastic it was fine. When I pulled my rain coat off, puddles of water in my sleeve. Just horrible. Then warm showers, I made some tea, we ate our cereal and pretty much that was it.

I’ve included some links for hymn.

More to follow, until then, Be well!

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