Day 24 of walking our 2nd Camino de Santiago!

We started out of Gonzar in the woods and past that place we ate at last night. We are trying for Casanova, about 22kms.I love rocks and these stone walls are a work of art! These are incredible, 2 feet thick, right in the middle of the woods. And Yes, it is still raining! More on and off at the moment.

Most mornings we get up at 6:30, get dressed in the semi dark and out the door by 8. Sometimes someone will turn the lights on around 7. With less people they aren’t pushing us out the door like they were before. I have seen the people shaking pilgrims up, then literally stand by the bed and say, you have 15 minutes to leave. Harsh. Last several places, no one is even there at night, in the morning we shut off the lights and let ourselves out. But anyway, where I’m going with this is we leave on an empty stomach, and walk. At a coffee stop there are sheep.

We are getting there, well under a 100km to go.

The road gets tedious, I don’t mind the trips into the woods once in awhile.

This cow looked a little down to me.

Started raining again. We had to take another break to warm up, toast, the ultimate comfort food. A lot of the places we pass say artist here. This coffee stop had an artist

We are trying to walk more because it is getting crowded again. Lots of people just do the last 100kms of the Camino. That’s the minimum requirement to get a Compostela, a certifícate saying you have walked the Camino. Also AJ, our son is very close to catching up again and we may see him tonight.

Off the road again and hopefully the last stretch of woods tonight.

We get pretty scared here because a pack of dogs cross our path. First we see a group of dogs go by. I immediately stop, I wait for Al to catch up, now a few more go by. We wait, just about ready to continue, several more go by, all kinds of dogs, big and small. Finally we think it’s safe, Al picks up a big stick, 2 more dogs go by. I don’t know which way to go, I’m thinking let’s go back. Al wants to continue on, we quickly and as quietly as possible walk by, and see all the dogs, sitting in the woods. No idea what was going on but we were moving pretty fast by then. Maybe 5 more minutes we found our Albergue!

Half an hour after that, AJ arrived. We all ate a fantastic meal together, it was perfect!

More to follow, until then be well.

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