Day 23

Leaving Sarria in the rain we are making for Portomarín, a pretty big town. I think today is day 3 of rain. By far the worst for us because we were in the woods a lot on steep terrain. The rain tears through the woods making the path a riverbed. As much as we try to stay to the side, sometimes that’s impossible, we are in moving water.

I didn’t get a lot of pictures earlier today because my camera/phone wouldn’t allow me to, fingers too cold or the lens was all fogged up from my pocket.

We stopped around lunchtime at this place that had a pellet stove running. We probably over stayed our welcome. We were wringing the water out of our jacket sleeves. We have rain ponchos, as you can see, but the movement of your arm has the water flowing right down to our elbows.

Every thing is certainly green here. There has been a lot of improvements to the Camino since last we walked on it. Paths are wider and more stone, gravel and cement.

I just love these little churches. Dolly Parton said once, “if you want the rainbows 🌈, you gotta put up with the rain”. Well I looked all day for one, still waiting.

Finally, close to the end of our day, clearing.

We had to cross this massive two lane bridge. Which had an itty bitty rail.

The rail on the inside, up to our knees, the outside one, insubstantial in my opinion. I was terrified! Held Al’s hand the whole time, which was a long time. His poncho kept blowing in my face, I was essentially blinded at times. Awful. This used to be a river that has been dammed up to make the Belesar reservoir. I can take a picture once we reach solid ground.

So we made it into Portomarín. This staircase is part of the original medieval bridge across the river Miño.

The wind is blowing the clouds away we decide to walk to the next town, another 7.7km.

I liked this garden wall. Very impressive.

We did make it in to Gonzar, the weather did not cooperate, we also had a hill to deal with. The wind was very fierce. All and all, it was an ok day. I wouldn’t mind some sun. We so appreciate when we get in at night, this place, no WiFi, no kitchen, but water, nice and hot. We were two out of four in the whole Albergue. The main problem was no food. The lady at the desk told us just one km up the hill is a restaurant. Oh! It’s also an Albergue and has WiFi. Well that would have been nice to know. We walked up, ate then walked back in the pitch black . The worst part was, first thing in the morning, we walked right past again!

More to follow, until then be well!

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