Day 22 of our 2nd Camino

We walked out of Triacastela heading towards towards Sarria

We left town with the sun coming up. Not as fantastic as yesterday. More rain and a couple big hills again. I dread the hills. We have been in albergues with no WiFi again. It makes posting difficult, i can write stuff I just can’t stick pictures in. Then when we stop for something warm or just to be dry for a few minutes if the place is crowded, difficulties again.

The hills do give you nice views. We walked along woodland trails again, water rushing by the side and switching back and forth.

Check out this tree! Kinda spooky right?

Our way markers our more noticeable now.

We have still come across a few that are side by side pointing in different directions. Then it’s time to pull the guide book back out of the backpack. The guidebook has the historic trail, there are little side trails called the mystical path. We don’t want mystical, straight as the crow flies is what I would prefer at this point.

The trail veered off into the woods which we thought was the right way, but no one in front or in back. It’s funny because you think your all alone but just then you will hear someone coming up behind you. This morning it was like a conga line passing us. Very annoying. Then all of a sudden, no one, for a very long time!

The trail kept deteriorating, we weren’t sure if somehow we got onto someone’s private land.

We kept going, pulled out the guide book again, it said you would leave the road, well that was for sure.

Finally civilization in the distance!

The sun cant decide to come or go.

We actually don’t do a long day, only 18kms, but we had two big peaks, one at 680m and one at 910m. We would leave the woods then the road, then cross right back into the woods again.

Then around the corner, a house and church, in the middle of the woods.

I liked the flowers matching the houses color.

Finally out of the woods and onto the senda, beside the road.

I had to get a picture of this it looks like a cross between an evergreen and a cactus!

More to follow, until then be well!

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