Day 21, hanging in there and loving our 2nd Camino

We left Laguna de Castillo walking to Triacastela, about 23km.

The views when we walked out this morning about 8am were incredible! It just kept getting better and better.

That’s a hill top in a sea of clouds!!

Our trail starts with a climb and a scary edge. Those are clouds not snow in the background!

We take a selfie at what we believe to be the summit. Nope not yet.

I’m telling you, it was just fantastic, we were loving it, hills and all! Clouds looked solid enough to take a walk out on!just breathtaking!

We reach the next town and decide to take a break.

We stopped here last time also, but this time of year only one place open. I just get a coffee and Al a soda. We left without eating this morning but felt ok. Another pilgrim was raving about the cheese and said we should try it. Well Al got an omelette and I got an order of cheese and bread. Oh my goodness!!!! The cheese was something they make themselves, soft, sweet and yellow. Then they drizzled honey all over it and served that with fresh crusty bread! Oh I ate every bit and I didn’t even think I was that hungry! It was fantastic!

There were functional Galician palloza’s, they are traditional buildings built in the round and topped with straw.

There was still a lot of ups and downs, we can now see the next village coming up in the distance.

Al was in front, hills are still a little tough for me.

Again weaving in and out of towns. All have a church and a cemetery.

Off in the distance.

We were still kinda high and had several patches of snow.

The trail today was truly lovely. Weather just beautiful. We had a marvelous day walking and talking.

You can see the graveyard behind Al in this picture.

I loved this part of the trail, it was cooler and I just liked the moss and the soft ground. Sometimes there may only be a few houses, but you will still see a church.

Next town in the distance, the one we are walking to. This is a hundred year old chestnut tree! Tomorrow we plan on an even shorter day. We are in a spartan Albergue tonight. No kitchen, no WiFi, just cubicles with 2 bunks each, I got the short straw again, top bunk.

More to follow, until then be well!

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