Day 20! Already of our 2nd Camino

We left Villafranca del Bierzo and are trying for Laguna de Castilla

We left a little late again today, the albergue we were in did not have the typical breakfast. So far breakfast at albergues is coffee and toast with jam. It’s also on a lot of the menus. Most times we eat on the road, I always have fruit in my backpack, Al carriers olives. This albergue had a cheaper breakfast, but it didn’t start till 7:30am, 2e and yes there was coffee and toast but also cereals, milk, hot and cold, coco, buns, cakes, and then sweets you could take in your backpack. Really a nice place!

Pretty much all the walking today was flat and beside the road until the end. We’ll get to that.

There was interesting things still to look at. Like these blue bushes, what the heck, never seen anything like it.

It rained on and off but not so bad we had to get out the rain gear, then the rain bow!

The trail would leave the highway every time we came across a town, then out again.

If there is a chance to go inside and use the W/C, always preferable.

There’s still snow at higher elevations and it is November but there are still flowers and gardens everywhere.

Collards I think, I’ve just never seen them so tall. No idea what this was, but I liked it. We are it taking it slow and easy today, with lots of small breaks.

There is a big hill/mountain at the end of the page. We pass by lots of farms and even a wood mill at one point.

You can see one of those high bridges in the background of this picture that Al was talking about yesterday.

Next town around the bend.

We have been following this river all day. Sometimes it’s gently, very clear, and sometimes we see waterfalls through the trees. We are now starting to climb.

lots of hills. Then off road, where it really got tough.

Parts of the trail were very narrow and it was like step climbing for a few hours. Also there were horses. Some people take horses up this part. The end of today was mostly all woods. Then all of a sudden there were gardens and houses. People picking up chestnuts, which were everywhere. Walnuts too! I had a pocket full and every once in awhile would smash one with a handy rock.

Almost at the top. Still gardens!

Starting another climb.

Well I guess we climbed a mountain today. The views were amazing, crystal clear skies. And there’s still snow up here!

Well we may have bit off more then we should have. We actually climbed 3600feet! We did book a place ahead, so with having a reservation you get there when you can and know you at least have a bed. We asked at an earlier albergue what’s open ahead, because there’s less places to stay, I didn’t want to climb up there and find out then, they are closed. It turned out that it was, so she called the next place, really can’t say town, it’s just 3 houses, one of them an albergue. It meant another 2.3km climb, which took us over an hour but that’s ok.

We are still not yet to the top, 2.5km more to go, then down, hopefully gently.

More to follow, until then be well.

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