Day 19 of our 2nd Camino

We left Leon and rode a bus to VillaFranca del Bierzo

Leaving Leon we passed by the Casa Botines.

We we’re moving kinda slow today, but I saw this lovely door. This reminds me how I told AJ the other day, how I can’t look down when I walk, cause I keep getting distracted by rocks.

This is craftsman ship! I want to be able to do this! Which leads me to this,

I think I need to live really at least 100 years to do all I want to do!

So we get to the bus station early and wait till 1pm to board our bus to VillaFranca. We manage to jump 5 days and 125km in about 2 1/2 hours.

On the bus we pretty much follow the Camino, so in the beginning we were on the lookout for pilgrims we knew. Then we just enjoyed the ride.

I listened to some podcasts which reminds me of another conversation with my son. I forgot what we were talking about but I mentioned how I talk to myself. Like, “Dorean get moving” . He was like wait a minute, you call yourself Dorean? Well ya, that’s who I am! But you actually use your name? Ya, doesn’t everyone? I say. No mom! Then he gives me the look, like your my mom, but your a crazy person. Ahh, no.

So anyway this is where the podcast ties in. I listen to a lot of podcasts from the Quick and dirty podcast network. One I try not to miss is Mignon Fogarty, Creator of Grammer Girl and the founder of Quick and Dirty tips. Well I was blown away the other day when she spoke about Illeism, Speaking about youself in the 3rd person instead of the first. Like Elmo saying, Elmo wants to be friends”. She mentioned a research study that found out that people who self talk like this are really more in control and more likely to follow through with what they say. As in me saying to myself, “Dorean, get your butt out of bed” . If I just said to myself, ya I should get up. Chances are I won’t. So this is long I apologize, but I told him later, see I’m not a crazy person. I am normal, mostly.

I do enjoy podcasts whenever I have time, so there’s a lot I listen to from this group, the nutrition diva, get fit guy, the money girl, just to name a few.

Then I fell asleep on the bus which Al later told me was a good thing. High rise bridges, hair pin turns and tunnels, ya wake me when it’s over.

After we arrived in VillaFranca, which is right on the Camino we needed to find an Albergue. The 1st one we went into was Leo’s. Filled up, but Maria was so helpful, calling another Albergue for us so we wouldn’t have to check everywhere. Then she gave us a map and sent us to de La Piedra. One of the best we have been to. They actually offered us tea or coffee when we arrived. What? Are we still in an Albergue? Then a single bunk was 10e or a double private room 12e? Yes we will take that. They were also just so nice and helpful. Take your time, get cleaned up, check in when you get a chance.

Well we checked in right away because I wanted to see the town, which was beautiful.

I pretty much walked Al all over town.

It was beautiful, Al’s leg was hurting so I went on by myself.

I ended up in this church

Which was very modest and truly stark. No photos allowed. It was just a stone church, unadorned, wooden pews, and then an altar. I found myself at the front and sat down. There is a Cross in front with Jesus on it, and I find myself crying, shoulders shaking, and my 1st thought is no one come out and talk to me, please, and they didn’t. This was between me and God, and I felt horrible about myself, so unworthy of all that I have. I am truly blessed in so many ways, I forget in the rush to do all the things I want to do and all the things I want to accomplish, what I already have. Instead of always rushing ahead, I need to slow down and be more thankful for all that I already possess. Kind of an epiphany I guess. I make my way back to Al, who declares how hungry he is, we tend to overlook lunch.

Have I mentioned my new love of tapas yet. I now love figs and tapas, well and Spanish wine of course.

Tomorrow we start walking again.

Until then be well!

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