Day 17 of our 2nd Camino

Left El Burgo Ranero, we are now walking to Reliegos

Not good news, now AJ has that bug Allen had. We did not eat together or sleep near each other. Rooms fill up, usually everyone gets a bottom bunk. Sometimes people choose top and bottom to stay in the same room, we have done that. AJ had one room with a bunch of bunks, we were in another. He told us later that all of a sudden he had this bad feeling in his stomach, nothing more, then eruption. Spent a lot of time that night in and out of bed.

He felt so so, definitely didn’t want to risk eating. So we left without eating, in the rain!! I mentioned to Al today that we are leaving at the same time but it’s not dark anymore. The time got turned back and I didn’t really notice till now!

Love the doors here, you cannot get these at Home Depot.

Passed some more Passion flowers and wanted to pick some of the fruit, but wasn’t sure what color it needed to be. There is an unspoken rule on the Camino, fruit in yards, plots, gardens, stay out. Over the fence on public land your good to take. These were on my side of the fence.

We are again walking on the senda, beside the road.

Eventually we hit a wooded area and Al decided he needed to use the woods. On the way out, it being slippery with wet leaves, he twisted his ankle. Not much to we could do, but walk on. Which we did at a slower and slower pace.

We made it to a town and realized AJ needed to walk on he has a tighter time schedule and we needed to rest. I still wasn’t feeling super either. So we rested tried to walk more that was rather painful for Al so we pulled into a bar. I got a coffee and Al pulls out our book to figure out what the heck we are going to do, bartender tells us, she will call is a cab, only cost about 6e. Man! The Camino is changing before my eyes, so we get a cab to next big town we were trying to walk to. What would have taken us the rest of the day, now took 15 minutes. We flew past pilgrims, I saw our son as we whiz by. We are now in Mansilla de las Mulas. And find out we can take a bus to Leon in about an hour and a half. We decided to do that, because even though AJ feels awful that’s where he wants to get to.

This is just one of those wired things that happen I say to Al, well we have almost two hours, let’s see what we can see. I see a sign for Biblioteca, the library so we head in that direction. At the córner AJ crosses the street in front of us, he is stunned to see us there! We talk, we tell AJ we will find a place in Leon, just get there. Which he did, he walked 37km!!! Oh to be young! Not really, I like where I’m at, but that’s another whole conversation.

So we arrived back at bus station for bus and what do we see, oh more pilgrims taking the bus. I am telling you, I never knew this, walking it once before, I follow the forums, i never knew pilgrims took taxis and buses, maybe it’s new?

From bus station it was still quite a hike to where we would be, by Cathedral. It took us a couple of hours. We end up getting a hostel room, a step up from Albergue. Just us in a room with a door, that’s locks. Al made a mistake the other night going into a room that wasn’t ours, what he did not make was a new friend. 😳

So we went to a store, bought some frozen stuff, some pre-made stuff, some wine. It was all good.

Tomorrow Al and I plan to tour Cathedral.

Until then, be well!

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