Day 16 of our 2nd Camino

We walked from Terradillos to El Burgo Ranero

We all left together, which is good, and mostly healthy.

I’m not sure if they live in these little hobbit houses or not. There are chimneys. This was at the 1st town we got to. Today is chilly and windy, we are bundled up with winter hats and mittens. Even the trees were bundled up in the 1st Pueblo we got to, Moratinos.

We kept walking, it would be a long day. My camera couldn’t seem to stay in my pocket today.

Some call this the half way point on the Camino, I couldn’t find anything to back that up. I think because so many people start in different places.

For us we are about halfway!

After we had walked about 12km I was officially starving. We packed our stuff, granola bars, fruit, I also have some carrots. I’ve been trying to find peanut butter, so far no luck. You do kinda get tired of what’s in your backpack and either trade people or eat somewhere. We had arrived at a pretty big town,Sahagun, and had a fantastic lunch there. We walked into this place, from the outside it doesn’t look like much, but man, the food was fantastic! All we had were hamburgers, but they had eggs and bacon on them, lettuce, tomato and onion. AJ tried to order fries but we ended up with shrimp cooked with garlic. 🤗

AJ sent me this picture, it could have been because we were so hungry, but I thought it was the best burger I ever had! After lunch we worked our way out of the city.

Ok Ed, there were a couple of these smallish trees by a fountain we stopped at, not sure if that’s a fruit or not.

Once we crossed this bridge we were officially out of the city and back onto the senda.

We passed through a couple more towns. It is nice to walk with people you care about. I may have said this before, sorry, but I really treasure it. Walking with our son, no distractions except the scenery. Even back home, I love walking with our kids, or grandkids, they just tell you everything, on and on sometimes but I treasure it still. So my advice to everyone, go grab someone to walk with today or tomorrow or soon. You may find out things you never knew or gain a greater understanding of someone you love. Ok off the soap box and back onto the Camino! Where the wind is ferocious! Seriously! It blew in our faces all day, and it felt like it was directly from the arctic.

These clouds looked different to me, can’t explain it.

Check out these window screens.

And on the door too, someone has talent.

We made it to the town we thought we were staying in, AJ walked on. Al and I were both tired we had walked 26.7km but after a rest we walked on also. Which was kinda dicey really, if you get in late, which we would, too late for laundry. What we didn’t realize was next town only had one operating albergue. This time of year there are less open, November will be have even less in operation. After another 7.4 km we arrived, only 4 bunks left, all on the top. Not a fan, but top bunk is growing on me. If Al and I get assigned a set of bunks, I’m on top. Here’s a picture from the top bunk.

This time no choices. There are other places to stay, they just cost more.

More to follow, until then be well!

One comment on “Day 16 of our 2nd Camino

  1. Ed Mullen says:

    You got some good photos, looks like an ornamental magnolia with seed pod. Seems like Spaniards don’t eat much peanut butter, prefer Nutrella, the chocolate hazelnut stuff. Enjoy Leon!

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