Day 14 of our 2nd Caminó

We left Frómista heading to Carrion de los Condes

I have been a little sick, not a stomach thing again, thank goodness, but a cold. Some of you may not know, I have asthma, I really really try not to get sick, and I do pretty good at it, maybe twice a year I’ll get a cold, hopefully only once. When I get just a cold it’s not just sneezing or coughing, runny nose, and yes I got the whole deal it goes to my lungs. I am slower, constantly searching for a tissue, this pocket used tissues, this one not. Oh, another thing, they don’t use paper towels in rest rooms, sometimes/most times no soap either. Also not in any of the kitchens I have been in. I think it’s an ecological thing. I could be wrong. Some of the W/C’s , restrooms have the pull cord, water tank above or some have a knob you pull up on the tank. Lots have the two kinds of flush buttons that I think we should all have. Very innovative. Anyway weird things I think about while walking, but enough potty talk.

So yes, I am sick, I went to a farmacia, but she didn’t want to give me anything until I saw a doctor. I sounded kinda bad, it’s asthma I said, I’m fine. Nope. Hospital open 24 hours, go! Then she gave us directions and I might have gone if I could have figured out how to get there. So doctor mom that I am, I made chicken soup last night. Got some fresh chicken parts, all the right vegetables and I cooked it all low and slow. And I feel better!!! Amazing! Love it! Anyway I am ahead of myself. This is morning let me back up to yesterday.

I usually write this blog at night after we get in, and I am usually a day behind, today I am talking about the real yesterday. Sorry if I have confused anyone. There is free WiFi in most of the albergues, but when every person in the place is on it,it takes forever to load pictures. So I sometimes get up before everyone, like today and start writing. 👍Al came up one morning and took a snap of me. Any way, gee whiz I got all distracted again.

This is where the real rambling comes into play!

So we left Frómista, another great day! This time Al was sure we were lost. There were no way marks. We were walking a little behind someone which is nice, cause then you can just follow and not worry about it. Unless they are lost also! Yes, it has happened!! Some early morning person pointed us all in the right direction.

We also left in the dark again, the albergue last night had no kitchen, just a little microwave, and this microwave was outside in a shed. So no coffee again either. That’s what you get for 9e night sometimes. The people who work/live at these albergues are mostly volunteers and are usually very nice and helpful.

The walking was beside the road the whole way. Not a lot to say about it, only went thru one town and then into the town we are in now. We had a short day 18km. The next town today is 18km more before you get to a town with an albergue. If it was under 10, I could have done it,18 more, no way. And AJ, our son caught up to us again, yippee! He was only 8 miles behind us. So ya, he has been walking a lot! Al is in contact with his brother who has been tracking our distances every day. He says we need to pick up our pace. Brian, do you know what I think? Come on I am sure you do! …Come walk with us Bri, I double dog dare you!

Anyway back to the Camino,

There is a bird nest on top of this church tower bigger then the bells.

We passed thru this tree on our walk today.

We did stop for lunch, I didn’t even feel like having a coffee, I know! Call the ambulance or something. Al had a coffee and a sandwich to go. What’s super cool about this is we stayed here 5 years ago when they were still stamping out the bricks in the back yard. First let me show you a picture,

So last time these walls and this room wasn’t here, all they had was a picture in their head and what was around them. Which was straw and mud, oh yes and rocks! He had a little pool and a hose and molds for bricks. While we were there he was adding dirt to water to make mud then adding straw and some stones. After filling the molds he let them dry a bit then knocked the new bricks out to really dry in the sun. Then onto making more bricks!

The albergue also had alternative sleeping places, a teepee, cement construction tubes, hammocks and other small outside structures.

This is a nice mural on the wall

entering Carrion De los Condes.

Anyway we are getting ready to head out and it’s starting to snow, I grabbed a quick picture.

More to follow, until then be well!

3 comments on “Day 14 of our 2nd Caminó

  1. Bri says:

    Hey Dor… I only mentioned about the pace only because both of you were talking about making it to Finisterra and needed to buy more days by getting to Santiago earlier. You bought yourself 2 days. To keep that 2 days (if that’s what the plan is), the math says you need to average 16.9 miles / day. I didn’t realize anybody was battling illness until just yesterday and even at that I only heard about Al. Personally, I think you two are doing awesome!!! As of yesterday, you two have walked a total of 247.4 miles (395.8 km) and have about 237.8 miles (380.5 km) to go to Santiago. They’re over way to Santiago! Folks, I don’t think I could do 17 miles a day… every single day.. or a combination of short days (12-13 miles) and really long days (20 or more miles). That’s a lot of mileage. They walk a long way… every single day… I’m not sure your audience is fully aware – a typical person can average 3 miles an hour on level ground. So now we’re talking 5.6 (or let’s just call it 6) hours every single day of solid walking – minimum – to average 17 miles a day. Now you add hills, a back pack, and asthma on top of that and the time goes up quickly. Long days of walking, folks. You don’t really hear her complain about this stuff or the long days, so it’s easy for us, the audience, to forget about what all you’re going through to get to those beautiful locations you’re posting pictures of. You win Dor. I give you two a lot of credit. I know it’s not easy. Just contemplating it…. If it isn’t the mileage, I think it would be doing the laundry every single day that would get to me… or 25-35 pound pack on the back. Get well!! Take care of yourself and keep doing what you’re doing! But most of all, enjoy the scenery, the food, the libations, the people you meet, and the special time you two and AJ have to spend together! Just get there safely… If Finisterra happens this year… great, if not, don’t worry about. I wish I was there with you all… but I doubt I’d do as well. Be safe while you’re there and come back home safely when your done.

    • dorcor6 says:

      Ahh Brian, you know I was just poking at you in fun! It is amazing how the body adjusts to what we are doing to it. We are now walking faster and farther then we were in the beginning. Doing the laundry is horrible, it’s really cold out now and we wash it by hand every day in cold water. Then having it dry is the hard part. They don’t want us having dripping clothes in our rooms. I pin small things to my backpack to dry while we walk. It works, I may look a little funky but just about all of us got stuff tied on or sticking out somewhere. Wool socks take forever!
      We do want Finisterre. We will get there this time. Thanks Brian for all you are doing on the home front for us! We love and miss, we actually talk about you a lot, have your ears been burning?

  2. Bri says:

    Oh yeah, let’s not forget a couple more hindrances they deal with… a shattered hip (only a few years ago) and the flu-like colds they have now. I’m sure there is probably more. A huge accomplishment already I think!

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