Leaving Castrojeriz walking to Fromista

Day 13

Honestly today was a good day! We walked out of town straight away was the meseta. these are looking back on the town. I can’t seem to figure out video.

We were waiting for the 1st coffee stop, none before the meseta. It wasn’t awful steep but it seemed to go on and on. In reality is was 1050m up with a 12% grade. It was a cold morning but we were sweating by the time we got to the top.

Once there the view was pretty nice.

Then we were freezing after sitting for 5 minutes. Time to put those backpacks back on. We are much better regarding the backpacks. Can carry it all day now, don’t really notice them al all. Which is a blessing.

Down was as bad as up, only it didn’t go on as long. 350m down with an 18% grade. It was cement with ball bearings thrown on top. Well that’s what it felt like. Once down the terrain was rocky again and then the scenery started to change.

We hit a town and had that coffee I was dreaming about. We decided the scenery was so nice we had lunch here as well. Karen this picture is for you!

We started seeing more crops that were not harvested, canals by the side, then we hit the big canal. The Canal de Castilla.

They had a boat on the canal giving rides, we became an item for tourists twice today. Look you can see real pilgrims walking to Santiago! Lots of Buen Camino!

Then came the lock right before town.

It was a scary walk over.

Then town and bed.

Ed what are these? We saw some again with all their leaves still on, but most are trimmed down to nothing green at all.

They are sometimes all connected by grafting. I like this one that was all alone!

More to follow, until then be well.


4 comments on “Leaving Castrojeriz walking to Fromista

  1. Karen says:

    Thank you for sharing the picture of the house with the beautiful flowers! I often thought of having planters outside a couple of windows. Thoughs are beautiful.

  2. Ed Mullen says:

    Looks like a platanus hispanica, Plane tree. Wow! Able to withstand the many assaults of urban life.

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