Leaving Tardajos, jumping the page to, Castrojeriz

Day 12

We left in the dark today with the moon still high in the sky.

We actually thought we were lost. The way marking is sometimes hidden or you actually pass right by it without noticing because your distracted by the scenery.

Well, I’m distracted, I’m looking forward, looking back, walking backwards, which has proved dangerous.

Look at this way mark, Al spotted it, I walked right past. When he said, We just walked past one, I was like, No Way! He was right,

We started out of town on the road and walked right to the next town on the side of the pavement. Not my favorite. We have walked over pretty much everything it seems. Once in the town we are still pretty much filled up from the breakfast at the albergue, 4, maybe 5 cups of coffee, their small, anyway we just walk through.

This fountain was in one of the town squares, if you expand it there are skulls all over it. Kinda weird I thought. Nothing there explained what it represented.

The sun is still climbing in the sky and the colors are nice. We walk around the corner heading out of town and all the buildings had Camino art.

The terrain was mixed today, with a couple of mountains thrown in for fun.

This was growing on someone’s front gate, looks like columbine but it had what looked like little green fruits. Anybody know?

towards the end of the day we came upon these ruins.

It is an old pilgrim hospital and we knew that there was an albergue here so we thought this is where we would spend the night.

Well this albergue was rustic, no hot water, which ok, I can do without. The killer was, no electricity! Umm 😐, sorry, need that.

So we ended up with a 30km day. For us, a lot. We are getting accustomed to the walking. I have heard that after 10 days, your body becomes used to the miles and the backpack. Thankfully no more pins and needles in my feet.

We marched on, 6km more, on asphalt no less!

Finally town,

More to follow, until then be well

2 comments on “Leaving Tardajos, jumping the page to, Castrojeriz

  1. Ed Mullen says:

    Looks like you got a nice photo of passion fruit with flower.

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