Leaving Santo Domingo de la Calzada by bus to Burgos

Day 11

We met Ross and Theresa walking yesterday and ended up at the same Albergue. Turns out they are a military family who live in Hawaii on Oahu. It’s amazing when you cross paths with someone and then find out you have a lot of similarities in your life. Ross ended up taking the bus with us. We intended to get off the bus in Belorado, but once we stepped off we saw it went all the way to Burgos, Impulsively we jumped back on the bus. Some of you may know this, last time we walked the Camino we walked fast to complete our walk to Santiago so we could then walk on to Finisterre, 90 more km. Well we were so beat from getting to Santiago in 28 days we never made it to Finisterre. Huge disappointment! Well this time we are making it. Hence the bus. Which was fantastic! Here we were spending 5e to send just my backpack ahead a few towns and we could ride the bus for less then 2e!! What? How come we never knew that? I think it’s a Camino secret, pilgrims riding the bus, because guess what, we weren’t the only pilgrims on it!

Any way, we get to Burgos we know that the Burgos Cathedral is right next to the Camino. Last time, no time, this time we buy our tickets to go in. Yes, we had to buy tickets to go inside this cathedral.😞 You win, because we got pictures! It was ornate and beautiful! The history of each of the chapels inside would take more time then we have to retell.

The golden staircase;

I don’t know if your able to blow up and expand the pictures in this blog but everything was so ornate a picture just can’t capture it all.

The star ceiling in one of the chapels,

After the cathedral we walked city streets past the University of Burgos. Finally out of the city, The path was pretty easy going, which I love, the hardest part was leaving the city. We ended up in this little town, Tardajos. Which had the most fantastic Alburgue. The man who ran the albergue, a volunteer, spoke no english. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I don’t know much Spanish but we were somehow communicating and I was the person who translated for the other people there. Which were a Korean family we had met earlier that day on the trail. So it was fun. He said he would make us all breakfast the next morning before we left. He made pots of coffee and hot milk, and we all ate together. It was truly wonderful. We couldn’t all really speak to each other in sentences but we understood each other! I loved it!

More to follow, until then be well!

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