Leaving Nájera heading to Santo Domino de la Calzada

Day 10

We started out early today and we all kept looking back for that sunrise shot. We walked past many fields with canals running along side. Those canal pipes run for miles. We walked with a group of Spanish people who were walking as a family. I see them in the cocina, the kitchen early. Everyday they are the 1st ones up and out . I think they must take a break and have breakfast on the trail. We don’t normally run into them again till later.

We run into a town and one of Aj’s friends, José snags my camera and takes this picture of us. No judgement on our breakfast choices. Its like a chocolate croissant and it’s fantastic. We don’t have it everyday, honest. One cool thing this coffee stop has is a wine vending machine! How often do you see one of these?

Too soon we are up and walking again. Oh I should tell you, I am wearing a fit-bit, I am averaging 40,000. steps a day!

So we are walking and I thought they were plowing out all the rocks from the fields. I am thinking good idea. They had collected all these huge piles of rocks beside the path.Then we get a closer look. Some kind of vegetable? We see someone and ask, in our broken Spanish, I have no idea what she said back but it sounded like parsnip, and they do look kinda like giant parsnips, or boulders, right?!

The trail seems to go on and on somedays. You can see it like a ribbon laying across the landscape. Then the town is in sight.

Santa Domingo de la Calzada in sight! I wish I could say that’s it, we have arrived! Nope, first we wind through suburbs, then the newer sections of town. Then the old city, we always try to stay in a municipal Albuquerque. One that is run by the government or church, usually cheaper and crowded. Always clean, lights and Wi-Fi get turned off at 10pm, and at this Albuquerque, wi-fi did not turn back on in the morning. They turn the lights on at 7 and want you out by 8am. I usually get up early to work on blog, no wi-fi messes me up.

This is the Korean girl I’ve talked about before ,Jamimin . We have walked together several times and also always seem to have bunks close together. We said good bye to her last night knowing that we would take a bus in the Am and will be jumping the page. We will probably never see her again. 😞

more to follow, until then be well!

2 comments on “Leaving Nájera heading to Santo Domino de la Calzada

  1. Ed Mullen says:

    Looks like those are piles of harvested sugar beets.

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