Leaving Logroño heading to Nájera

Day 9

We had such a great day yesterday that today hit us kinda by surprise. We both feel miserable. I woke with a headache and had hoped it would just go away with coffee, which works sometimes, not this time. We must have been near the last to leave the city, which seemed to take forever.

Then on the outskirts of town we hit the path, which also happened to be the towns preferred walking path. It led out of the city, around the reservoir and to a huge park and an animal reserve called Granjera.

Here we were feeling bad and older women, arm in arm out for a morning stroll were passing us! We were trying, I don’t know what it was but we were awful slow.

After breaking to eat some olives and a banana we felt somewhat better. I started out in my sneakers because of the city streets, you really don’t need hiking boots. Then I tried to wear them again once we hit the real trail but they were seriously hurting my feet. So in the vain of striving for total honesty, my feet have swollen maybe 1 size bigger, my boots don’t really fit me any more. I get such pins and needles pain that I can only managed an hour or so. Then that’s it they have to come off, each step becomes agony.

Looking back at Logroño

We had a couple of big climbs today, Alto Grajera at 520m and Alto san Antón at 620m.

We actually got Nájera early, around 2 in the afternoon. We should have kept walking. The Brierley guide, that most everyone on the Camino uses has this at the top of the page. An overnight stop, but a short day is a good place to jump the page and start on the next.

We did not jump the page.

More to follow,

Until then be well.

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