Leaving Estella heading to Logroño

day 8

We met up with Aj last night. He got to the albergue 15 minutes after us! It was sooo nice, he plans to walk with us when we set out in the AM. He has made so many friends, from all over the world. I am sure some will be friends for life. That is sorta what the Camino is all about. You walk beside someone and before you know it you know their life story and they know yours. Or you just walk side by side and no words are spoken, but later you greet each other as a friend.

Aj has been saying for awhile that he is going to walk the Camino, then about 14 weeks ago now he said, hey just so you know, I bought my tickets. Oh man then it was a scramble because of course I wanted to go again, then I brought it up to Al, he felt the same way. So it all just came together and here we are. So with all that being said, we did not train, that much, not that you can really. Walking everyday, long walks with some hills maybe that would be good training. Al only did very little, me some Aj a lot. Another thing AJ said was He decided to walk the Camino from all that I had said about it in my earlier blog and things said at home. He told me I wasn’t really telling the whole story, I was candy coating what it was like.

Ok, so ladies and gentlemen take off the rose colored glasses I put on you. This is the real deal in my opinion.

The Camino is hard, you hurt, a lot, pretty much all over. It’s not just us older outta shape people. I have seen them all complaining, i have seen the taped toes and feet. I personally have a bad blister between two toes.Then two more on both of my insteps, from my orthotics rubbing. Those aren’t so bad. It gets to a point where you just have to keep putting your feet in front of the other, disregard the pins and needles you feel stabbing in your feet. The trail never seems to end, the road just goes on and on, and usually you got to go, with no place in sight.

I have been sending my backpack ahead because I can’t stand to carry it, my shoulder hurts so bad.

I don’t say any of this, because no one wants to listen to a montage of my aches and pains. I wasn’t trying to sugar coat it, I honestly disregard the bad stuff, I tend to just put it out of my head and carry on.

Again with all that being said, it’s my 2nd Camino, I came back for more. And to set the record straight, AJ is loving it!! Even with the blisters I know he has. I am pretty sure he is already planning his next Camino.

Take aways from all this, Yes the Camino is hard, it’s a test of endurance. Do you have to train, no, but you should. This is a marathon every day, day after day. But you can do it. Old or young, fit or not. We have a short time span to do the whole thing, 28 days, most do it in around 30-35. You could do it what ever works for you, maybe a week at a time. We met 3 ladies from Denmark who are doing that.

I loved walking with AJ yesterday, we had some deep conversations and some laughs, it was really nice! Another nice thing, yesterday I finally had tapas!

More to follow, until then be well!

4 comments on “Leaving Estella heading to Logroño

  1. allen says:

    Great job!! Honestly i didn’t expect what ive experienced but i wouldn’t have change a minute of it, the blisters/aches/bruises. All apart of the camino, love it or lump it.Thank you for inspiration and the drive to try and tackle it myself. I love you both and am happy to have walked with you.

  2. Ed Mullen says:

    Hello ramblingduo. I am enjoying your camino. My daughter works with Al, told me about your blog. Buen camino.

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