Walking to Estella and the much longed for Fuente del vino

Day 7

We knew today would be another long day so we finally managed to leave early. The first time we walked the Camino we passed by the wine fountain in the dark. Newbie pilgrims. Now we know, wine fountain is locked until 8am, no rush, also the path splits a little to see the fountain. Take the fork to the left!

This is what you see when you make that turn. Vineyards and a monastery upon the hill. We made our way down and had to cross a road. It always seems weird to me, we are walking these dusty trails or on cobbled streets and when we turn a corner, cars, trucks and buses. We go from one century to another.

There was a metal Smith and his forge along side the trail. He had a lot of amazing art work that he created.

Finally the fountain. Some people had a little too much. You can take what you want, but in all honesty they are not giving away the best stuff. So a cup or so is really all you want.

I went into the wine museum to look for a rest room, there are no bathrooms on the Camino. If you are lucky you sometimes pass a bar just when the need arises, or you walk on or find a good spot. Sometimes a good spot is even hard to find, then it’s just oh well!

We pass so many beautiful places, today with most of the crops in its a stark beauty. Well we made it to our Albergue, got in kinda early even and started on our laundry.

We found a cafe, fortified ourselves with sangria and explored the town a bit.

The church in the village square. More to follow, until then be well

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