Leaving Pamplona

Day five
Staying in Pamplona was marvelous. I loved the albergue, 9e and washers are free to use, they even supply the detergent. How can you beat that!?

This is another one of those huge places, with dormitorios. We were in bunks side by side, no one above. 😀they were set in alcoves in groups of two, so our own little section we could spread all our stuff out in. So a good night. We bought wine, cheese, sausage, bread and some olives and ate in the plaza! Super nice. This is a picture of that plaza, oposite side had a cathedral. Very big.

Leaving the city we walked past the arena where bull fights are held. Then the campus of the University of Navarra. This is a picture of a way mark.

Getting out of the city we did manage to get a little turned around, Al says that, I say, are we lost? Again?!

But we did stumble across some cool sights.

Then the suburbs, not much to say. Then we hit the path which is rocky. This is looking back

I didn’t think we would see water this high but we did, so I had a little soak

The constant walking has been taking a toll on me.

We are getting close to the top of another mountain 2,590ft or 790km.

This is called the monument to pilgrims. You may notice, one of these pilgrims does not look like the others! 🤔

Coming down not so fun, big boulders and rocks plus a steep decline.

After a long day the path seems endless.

But finally we have arrived at our albergue

More to follow, until then, be well.#camino#pamplona#pilgrims

4 comments on “Leaving Pamplona

  1. Gary Modzelewski says:

    Mrs. Corson, I am Becky’s dad Gary. Becky has shared the rambling duo blog. Your blog entries are very well done. The photo journaling contains so many beautiful pictures that help tell the story of your Camino adventure. I hope that you and Mr. Corson continue to have a blessed time together over the many miles to Santiago de Compostela.

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