Out of Zubiri

Day four

We stayed at at a pretty nice place last night we stayed in Zubiri. It was only 10 euros and the woman there washed and dried 3 days worth of clothes for us for 6 euros more. Which was fantastic! The last time we were here the whole town was so crowded we ended up on mattresses on the towns gym floor!


We had a good start, walking by the Arga. The Arga is a river that paralleled our path. We had a little road walking in the beginning. We had only two big hills to deal with. Some with steep declines. We are still slowly coming down.

I want to live in this house . Just throwing that out there

looks like I’m entering the secret garden

The day was mostly good until we hit the city streets, i hate walking on cement.

We could have crossed this bridge into the city but choose the alternate route which went through the park, and of course got lost.

We eventually found a way- marker. Way-markers are yellow arrow pointing the way, sometimes they are in tricky places or so slight you miss them. In the city they are metallic clam shells imbedded in the sidewalk.

Pamplona is a vibrant city. we had to walk right through the newer city that surrounds the older walled city.

This is the actual wall that surrounds the city! I just find that so incredible. These people live in a medieval city and walk on cobbled streets every day!! Next we cross the drawbridge and go over to get into the old city.

Inside the ramparts

then a quick march to our albergue.

more to follow, until then

Be well

#pamplona #caminofrances

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