Out of Roncesvallesu

Day three

We left late this morning hungry and in need of coffee.

This is the inner courtyard at the monastery.

It’s another beautiful day but we are still a little sore and weak from yesterday. I kinda hurt everywhere and some places are worse than others.

This sign is outside the monastery, we still have a long way to go. I wished I could say it was an easy day but it wasn’t, there were still many ups and downs.

They were many pretty places that we walked through also .

I am not sure what was going on in my head, but I was ready to just quit today. We did our usual morning routine, we talked we prayed and I felt a little better. This is not like other vacations, we are not busy doing stuff, going from place to place trying to fit it all in, we are just walking, usually side by side. It’s nice. Our lives are so busy and complicated. I work the opposite shift from Al, and I work every weekend, so this is a blessing to have this time together.

We were getting passed a lot today while walking, taking lots of little breaks. At lunch we stopped for a much longer time, met up with a few people we had run into along the way. That was what finally lifted the black cloud over my head. It also could have been the hot food and coffee. 😁

The trail got rough again after that, steep declines, and rocky, we are still essentially making our way down from all the altitude we gained yesterday. It was like walking through a gorge over slabs of rocks and loose stones. At a few places I thought, We can’t get by this, it was too narrow or steep, mostly both, but we did eventually get down.

We walked almost 20 miles today, but it felt way more then that. We got in late, had a so so dinner but sat with a couple from Ireland, I could have listened to their voices all night.

Sometimes it’s not the food you eat but who you are sitting with that makes the meal. Well it’s late, I will leave it at that.

More to follow, until then be well.

#Pyrenees, #camino

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