Our 2nd Camino Adventure

Our 2nd Caminó Adventure

Day One

Well saying what a day doesn’t even cover it. We started out on an Asian bus from Mohegan Sun to Flushing NY in the wee hours of Saturday. First I need to mention that I worked Friday into Saturday at Mohegan sun myself. Instead of slipping into bed when I got home, I woke Allen up. We wanted to be out the door by 3 am and we still had some things to do. The bus left at 4:30. I have a co-worker who has taken these buses before and said be early, the buses leave right on the dot. I was told the bus would take a few hours from Norwich to JFK. Well we made it to New York in less then Two! Our driver drove like he was being chased. I am not sure why we were asked to sit in the very back of the bus, it could have been the huge back packs, but I don’t know. We were thrown around and bounced so much sleep was not an option. I almost bit threw my lip and was air born more then once. It was crazy! But we made it to New York!

We were dropped off on Main St. in Flushing in the pre-dawn darkness. We really didn’t know where to go but the bus driver said the subway is right around the corner. We’ll not really. We just kept walking down Main Street to where we could see more lights and people. There were a surprising number of people out at 6 am on a Saturday. We did find the subway and got some help and a map. Some how we still managed to get off on the wrong stop. I like mass transit mostly and we got to JFK pretty quick. Down side is our plane doesn’t leave till 6pm. We talked about walking around the city, we don’t get to New York that much but I was tired and we had the huge packs strapped to our backs.

Well sleeping at the airport not so good. I think they purposely design the chairs so you can’t sleep in them. And it was so dang bright in there. We were pretty much the only people in our terminal for quite awhile. We watched flight after flight leave, finally ours was called.

We landed in Paris at dawn of another day. Beautiful, but no time to enjoy the sunrise we had to run to catch our bus to the train station. Bus was in whole other terminal, Paris CDG is huge, really really huge. Buses supposedly run every half hour to the train station which is an hour away. Normally. Why is there a rush hour and so much traffic on a Sunday I don’t know. Well I won’t drag it out, we missed our train. Al knew the times were kinda tight but thought we could make it. We only just missed it too! Which was awful. Also awful, only two trains a day run to where we want to go. We missed the morning one, next train, 6 PM!#@#&~!

Several hours in Paris you think, not so bad right? Well we were both pretty tired, we still walked around a bit, we were a little afraid to stray to far away from train station. We got a sandwich and some water, back to train station. Which was also huge and jammed packed with travelers, no seats anywhere. People sitting on floors and luggage. We roamed around a lot, do you know they charge a fee to use the rest room, almost a whole euro. It’s actually someone’s job to sit inside the restroom and make change for people, crazy. I eventually found a seat and Al had to stand nearby until another one opened up. Not fun.

Now we are sitting on the train, couldn’t get seats next to each other, which I hate. Al, knowing there’s a chance we might miss train got insurance on tickets. Oh, that’s not how it works we we’re told! What? Excuse me? What is the insurance for? Well I don’t know, Says the ticket agent, I just know you have to buy new tickets! She says we will have to take it up with online service, hmm I am still hoping for a refund.

Several hours later, one train transfer and we finally arrive at St. Jean Pied de Port.

The people at the pilgrim office are beyond nice. They volunteer to man the office until the last train comes in. They also help you find a bed if you haven’t booked ahead, which we didn’t. 10 euros a piece, we get a bed, hot shower and breakfast in the morning!

Our first sello in our pilgrim passport!

Now off to bed,

more to follow,

until then, be well

2 comments on “Our 2nd Camino Adventure

  1. UB says:

    Have a safe and enjoyable journey!!

  2. marcia bunn says:

    awesomeness. thank u for sharing. sometimes late buses and trains can be opportunities to tell someone about Jesus. loving and praying for u guys. marci bunn.

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