Corning, NY

Hello all,

I know it has been awhile, 5 years actually since I blogged about anything and seeing as we are planning on going back to Spain and walking the Camino again! Yes again, I thought now may be a good time.

I am writing this post from Corning New York. We stopped here once this summer during a bike riding vacation. We ended up not doing too much biking, long story, so with time on our hands, we explored.One of the places we went to is the Corning museum of glass. We got there a little late in the day and it felt kinda rushed. I have been waiting for a reason to come back. On this adventure is my daughter Joslyn and one of my sons Aj. This was a surprise to Aj, it is his birthday and we told him to pack an overnight bag and be at our house by 6, am! It takes about 5 1/2 hours from where we are in Ct. We had a fantastic trip up, beautiful ride through the Catskills.

Finally we arrived at Corning, we walked through the museum first. To those of you who know me I’m not too artsy, I just don’t get some art, beautiful I understand, hidden meanings and subtext pass me by. With that being said here’s some pictures of things liked.

This is the sister of a sculpture at Mohegan Sun where I work, kinda had to include that. It was created by the artist Dale Chihuly.

This is called Endeavour, by Leo Tagliapietra.

This sculpture is composed of reclaimed drinking glasses by Katherine Gray. She wanted to recreate trees out of the materials that destroyed them. I really liked this one, the glasses besides being different colors and shapes had different things on them, birds, leaves or frogs. Also representative of not seeing the forest through the trees.

Cool right!?

Lastly I am including this picture from the museum because it shows how beautiful the museum itself is. The White Necklace.

This sculpture by Jen -Michel Othaniel it is huge, it has 51 hand blown glass beads. Each one different, imperfect, scared, like us and all together as a whole, beautiful! Ok, I get this one.

We also made reservations to blow glass pumpkins. I was so excited and nervous. I thought you could die if you breathed in by mistake. Our instructor told us its easy blow out not in. The oven has to be 1000 degrees and we sat very near it to make our pumpkins.

We had to wait till the next day to pick these up, Joslyn made the one on the right, Aj’s on the left. I sent mine to my Mom, so I have no idea how it turned out.

Corning is very picturesque in itself. We walked from the Museum over a pedestrian bridge to the historic town. When I saw pedestrian bridge I don’t mean one I those up and over walk ways. This is a bridge converted over for pedestrians. It has flowers and shrubs, places to sit and watch the Chemung river. It has a maze painted out on the bridge you can walk through, as well as hop scotch boards.

Once you cross the bridge Market Street is the place to go.

We were a little thirsty so we stopped at Liquid Shoes Brewing. They happened to have my favorite, cider on tap.

We were still a little hungry, from there we went to Mooney’s. If you ever find yourself in Corning this is a must stop!

They specialize in mac n cheese. I had the mac special of the month, chicken, bacon and blue!

This is called a side, not a full plate, but still full of cheesy goodness!

I should also mention the Rockwell Museum, right off Market street, we could not fit that in, next time!

We were only in town overnight and as I mentioned we had to wait for our pumpkins to cool. Near Corning are several wineries and two different wine trails,  Seneca Lake and the Finger Lakes wine trails.

With time to spare we went to the Great Western Winery. This is also known as Pleasant Valley Wine Company a historic winery and they boast of the only champagne made in the US! They have a complimentary tasting and a museum!

We tried wines, champagne, a sherry and a port. image-19

Wonderful, add this one to your list of must do’s!

There were grape vineyards all over and we stopped at this one were you can pick your own.  It was just a cart under some umbrellas but they had concord and champagne grapes.


It was all drizzly and foggy but the grapes were good.

We had a marvelous time and I would recommend visiting there. I have included some websites Incase you would like more information about these places.

Next week, Spain!!!!

Until then,

Be well!

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  1. marcia bunn says:

    glad to see these adventures via email and fb. wordpress too complicated for me to access except via gmail so far. prayers and love. marci bunn.

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