Last day in Santiago, on to Madrid

Okay, let me tell you about our thoughts for Finns Terri, if we go by bus, 24 euros a piece, 3 hour bus ride, I hour actually spent there, 3 back again. Ahhhh, no thank you. 
So instead we now have spare time. We can then spend an extra day in Santiago and 2 extra in Madrid. Al gave us I day in Madrid because this is where we catch a flight, super early, 7am. Which means we need to be at airport at 5am, what was he thinking? 
We actually go back to Paris, because it was cheaper. We have 3 hours to get from plane to train station, which now that we are world travelers, we have already done this once before. Cool, now I can say, “Well the first time I was in Paris…” Plus the train station just happens to be in the center of the shopping district, where I couldn’t buy anything before, see how things work out. Practicing patience is paying off!
So our day in Santiago we spent exploring more of the old town, keeping our eyes on the look out for some of the friends we made. We found a few, the ladies from Canada who were concerned about my health. We saw them again and got to say a final adios. Then Charlotte from Germany who was rushing home to her parents golden anniversary. Esther, who we met on the very 1st day in St. jean. What a surprise it was to see her, hugs all around! Then Katherine from Australia, she is a biker. She retired a few years ago and is going on a bike ride through Holland and Germany with her sister. Avril we saw no sign of, but she also had that stomach thing that was going around.
Part of our plan is to buy a suitcase for on the way home. Nothing expensive, just big enough to fit our hiking poles in. So we asked one of the workers at the albergue, ” where do you shop?” Prices downtown were crazy, plus it’s all tourist stuff. He told us about a Mall about a half hours walk away. We also wanted to check out where the train station is because we leave early tomorrow by train for Madrid.
Al said we walked more today than we did on the camino. first down to the old town, then finding the train station, shopping and back to get just one more look at Santiago. But we now have a suitcase and are ready to go to Madrid.
Until then ,
Be well.
You will notice no pictures in this blog, I was mugged in Madrid, not hurt in anyway, just devastated, they stole my I-phone, which had over 1200 pictures of our entire trip so far on it. 
I will talk more on this later.

3 comments on “Last day in Santiago, on to Madrid

  1. Lynn says:

    oh no, mugged? so sorry! well at least some pics were on your blog. BTW, what is Finns Terri?

    • dorcor6 says:

      Finis Terri was what people thought was the end of the earth, or land. They thought that this was as far as you could go. Hence, finis Terri. Cape Finisterre (Galician: Cabo Fisterra) is a rock-bound peninsula on the west coast of Galicia, Spain. Cape Finisterre is sometimes said to be the westernmost … ‎Geography – ‎Pilgrimage – ‎Gallery – ‎Pre-Christian beliefs

      Sent from my iPad

  2. Colleen says:

    That’s horrible to have a wonderful vacation marred by someone’s hurtful behavior. Can the pictures be recovered in a cloud or some other means? I’m technologlly challenged so have no idea how that stuff works. Did you have insurance on your phone? I have that on mine if it gets lost or stolen my phone gets replaced but I have no idea how they would retrieve anything I have stored on my phone.

    Hopefully the rest of your vacation will be uneventful except for what you and Al create.

    Love and prayers to both of you, Col

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