5th day traveling

Way marker

Way marker

imageToday our 5th day
Al and I each wore sandals today to favor our blisters, don’t think it really worked. Now I have new blisters in different places. We Left town and made it to the post office, yippee! We had help, I actually spoke spanish and someone understood me, have no idea what he said back to me, and he ended up walking us right to the post office and leaving us there. but the Gym bag is gone!. I wanted to throw it away but it is Al’s and he wouldn’t let me. 
We ate berries along the trail again today. Yesterday I ate a ton. we actually ate breakfast today before we left because we had to hang around for the post office to open. We only carried 2 apples with us and that’s all we had until dinner. We never stopped and rested either, after awhile it was mind over body, we willed ourselves to keep going.
We past thru grape and olive fields, and some hills too. we managed to walk 23.4 km today, after adjusting for climb. We got as high as 1673 feet. We walked a remnant of a Roman road also, this road was built over 2000 years ago, incredible. Al was beside himself, I got a whole lecture about it.
We ate dinner at this little bar with some English and Australian people. We had a great time because the person who owned spoke very little English. And was constantly using his phone as an interpreter. His mom was in back cooking the food, and the whole thing, the food, the company was just great. The people from England gave us lots of tips on what to do and even how to get around there. We will probably take them up on thier advice. 
It’s lights out in a bit so I will say adios until next time,
Be well.
Another early morning

Another early morning

Looking for post office, donde esta correos?

Looking for post office, donde esta correos?

Pilgrim snack, raspberries

Pilgrim snack, raspberries

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