Our first day walking

Cows and the mist

Cows and the mist

Al, wet and soggy

Al, wet and soggy

Horses, everywhere, huge
Sheep in the mist, we could hardly see them, but they wore bells.

Sheep in the mist, we could hardly see them, but they wore bells.

Made it to Spain!

Made it to Spain!

It was just beautiful wherever you looked. Jonathan you would have loved this!

It was just beautiful wherever you looked. Jonathan you would have loved this!

Me getting a refill, we ended up running out.

Me getting a refill, we ended up running out.

Nearing the top.

Nearing the top.

Subject: Leaving St. Jean our 1st Day walking.

Today was grueling, we left St. Jean at 7am,in the rain, pouring rain. We immediately started walking uphill, and that continued for19 kilometers, then finally, thankfully, the last 8 kilometers were mostly down hill. It was difficult. I don’t do well on hills and our backpacks are overweight at the moment. so it was slow going. We want to send things home that we got in Paris, and the extra things we packed and that we are now asking ourselves why. But we cant find a place that we can post from. That’s why we are carrying so much weight.
After we dragged our tired hurting bodies to the next albergue we checked in and bought some tickets for the evenings pilgrim meal, thankfully they excepted a credit card. which was pretty nice. When we left St. Jean, no breakfast and no place to eat along the way. We were super hungry. I did pack dried fruit and granola bars, but we never really ate the day before either. Al was starting to look at me kinda funny so I’m glad we finally got to sit down and eat a decent meal. It was tough in France, we ate out twice, and only got omelets. I know, boring, I tried to talk Al into getting escargot,which was a special that night, but no luck.
Anyway enough about that. Here’s some stats of what we did today; we walked 25.1, which adjusted for climb comes out to 32 km. the accrued ascent was 1.390m. The high point that we reached was Col de Leopeder at 1,450m which is 4,757 feet.
Here are some pics of that day.

Allen also has something to say;
Day 1:
Definitely grueling. I thought we weren’t going to make it through the day. I realized that I should have gotten more euros before we hit Spain. So far no banks no ATMs, and everyone wants cash. We are hungry, tired and basically broke. When we finally got to the end of our walk that day we stayed at this monastery that was only 12 euros for the 2 of us but that meant we couldn’t eat that night. We did check out the dinning hall which turned out to have this huge resultant connected to it that happily took a credit card. We ended up having a great pilgrims meal with people from all over the world. A pilgrims meal us usually 3 courses, there was a soup course, I think carrot, then pork cutlets and fries and it ended with yogurt. It was fantastic. Not just the food, which was good but the company as well. Then we were off to our bunks.

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5 comments on “Our first day walking

  1. kasarah says:

    happy to know you guys are still alive , i miss you guys so much i cant wait for you guys to come home. Things are going good back home. i found out the hospital is bring in companys to try to bid on my department and the kitchen department their coming in two weeks then they get to bid and if the hospital like the bid they will give us a 60 day noticed and im out of a job, so im going to start looking in to other job. stay strong mom and dad i love you we all do and we are all praying for you, you giys can do it i know you can you guys r the strongest people i know. try to call me if you can love always your fav daughter kasarah 🙂

  2. Sue Moore says:


  3. Arlene says:

    I don’t know why but this made me tear up. I don’t know if it’s the fact I’m happy you guys are doing this or the fact you guys are tired, hungry and I’m feeling your emotions through your words. I am excited to read day 2 next, and loving those photos!! Good luck guys!

  4. Kim Williams says:

    I am sure you will get into the swing of things, you will be pros in just a few days. Enjoy every minute of your adventure, this is a once in a lifetime experience. Safe travel

  5. Bill & Nancy says:

    Oh my , gotta be tough going , hope it goes easier as days go by ! Will definitely be saying prayers for you God bless

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