Finally a decent cup of joe

Finally a decent cup of joe

Well our 2nd day in Paris is at an end. I would have to say, 2 days is not enough. Just the Louvre needs 2 days, the place is immense. We bought the Paris Pass, which was a good buy, it included an all day double decker bus that goes all around the city in a continuous loop, an hour long cruise on the river seine, entry into many of Paris’s museums and other places of interest. There’s just no time for all that in two days.
Paris is a beautiful city, there is so much to see here, just the buildings are incredible, and old, tons of history. Their underground system takes awhile to understand, we spent more time underground then above the first day. We rode around on the bus a few times and enjoyed just looking at everything. I think we walked over every bridge in Paris, which is alot, and of course we strolled down the Champs Élysées. 
There was one irksome thing about Paris, you can’t get a decent sized cup of coffee. I know they are used to those tiny cups of expresso but I am used to and I also need, no stronger than that, absolutely have to have a extra grande sized cup of joe. Also while we are on the subject of coffee, it’s expensive here, almost 4 euros for a dixie sized cup. Which they think you are crazy when you want more than 1 sugar or 1 shot of cream. And I’m not even a coffee snob, I’m kind of sounding like one but I’m really not. I just want a real cup of coffee , meaning at least 16 to 20 ounces, is that too much to ask, I don’t think so.
In the morning we leave by train to Bayonne then a bus to St.Jean Pied de Port, it will take us most of the day just getting there. 
Until then,

2 comments on “Finally a decent cup of joe

  1. Bill & Nancy says:

    Glad you guys are having fun

  2. Arlene says:

    How much is 4 euros? & it looks DELICIOUS! So jealous and glad you guys are having a great time so far, be safe!

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