We had a rough start today trying to get to the airport. Al said, “oh, I just need to make a couple of stops”. A couple of stops, we are on our way to Paris and you want to go to the pharmacy. Not just the pharmacy, the bank, the library, the high school to sign some papers oh and we need to send a fax. Hello, what about Paris. 
Then we realized not even half way to the airport, oh no! We forgot our rocks. I have a thing for rocks, always collecting them where ever I go. The only rule is I have to carry them. I can sometimes get around that. Anyway, I chose a special rock that I wanted to bring and Al wanted one from his dads house. There is a place on the camino called Cruz de Ferro, where you leave your rock which symbolizes all that you want to put behind you. You a supposed to carry it all the way then lay it down there. Well there we were today in a McDonald’s parking lot on the side of 95 looking for a special rock.
But we are together and it’s a beautify day, and its not about the bumps in the road it’s about how you handle them. We did it side by side, well almost Al was inside getting pizza and I was outside looking for rocks. But essentially we were together knowing that no matter what we would overcome.
Next stop Paris,
Until then, be well.

4 comments on “image1.jpg

  1. Tonya says:

    Dorean you are too funny!!! I hope you have a great trip!! Looking forward to seeing your photos

  2. Sue says:

    Have a great trip. Be safe.

  3. Bill & Nancy says:

    Have a safe flight God bless

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