Our Big Adventure

Our Big Adventure

Today was my last day off before we leave on our Big Adventure. As I said previously we will be gone for 6 weeks. We Leave next Wednesday afternoon and will arrive in Paris, France early Thursday morning. Yes Paris, can you believe it!!! I have a hard time with it a little myself sometimes. No one in my family growing up has ever been anywhere, if we went somewhere on vacation we would normally go camping in a tent in Massachusetts. Nothing glamorous believe me. So we are glamming it up big, this time.
As I was saying, Paris next Thursday, for a couple days, It will be a whirlwind. The Eifel tower, which I do not want to go up because of my fear of heights, the Louvre, the sewers of Paris, which actually sounds kind of fun, the Arc de Triomphe, a wine tasting, and a night time boat ride on the river Seine, etc. etc.. We are trying to jam in as much as we can, in the little time we are going to be there.
Then Saturday morning we take one of the high speed trains (first time for me) to Bayonne and then a bus to St. Jean Pied de Port where we start walking early Sunday morning. We start out in France and walk into Spain. The next 30 days or so, that’s what we will be doing, walking. We will be walking about 20 to 22 miles a day. Mileage is in kilometers there, I haven’t gotten all that figured out yet. I will try to blog as much as I can and post lots of pictures.
After we walk across Spain, we go to Madrid to fly back to Paris to take a train to London. Kind of complicated but that’s how it worked out. Yes, London, I know!!! In London we will spend another couple of days another whirlwind, etc. etc.. I will keep you posted. Then we are renting a car and driving around some of England. I want to see the white cliffs of Dover, Al wants Stonehenge and Bath. Bath sounds fun too; I will need a good long soak about then. So that’s it, our Big Adventure.
Have any of you watched that movie yet? The Way is not a documentary, it’s a movie directed by Emilio Estevez and he and his father Martin Sheen star in it. I watched it on Netflix one night and got hooked. Here’s the link about that; http://www.theway-themovie.com/.
We have been planning this for over a year, and there was some concerns about our health, we each have issues. But we got the all clear so in a little over a week we leave.
Until then, be well .

One comment on “Our Big Adventure

  1. Michael says:

    I worked with Allen at the Casino for about a year but I just wanted to say, Best of Luck over in Spain. That is an incredible journey/pilgrimage you are embarking on which you will remember for ever! This past July I completed a Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail but to hear you guys were doing this is amazing, little jealous too! Be Safe and Enjoy!

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