Why Spain?

Why Spain?

Some of you have asked why are you going to Spain. Well I watched this movie on Netflix called, The Way, staring Martin Sheen. I recommend the movie, it inspired me and I loved it. I got the husband involved and we decided over a year ago to see if we could each get 6 weeks of work off to go, and we could and did. So we started training so we could be Peregrinos too.
Ok, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. What are Peregrinos? they are pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago. Now you ask, what’s that? Well in English it’s the Way of Saint James. A 780 km walk across Spain to the city of Santiago where legend has it that the remains of Jesus’s apostle Saint James the Elder lie in a huge cathedral there. We are not going on a pilgrimage just a really long walk. If you have more questions about it I have included a link. http://www.caminoadventures.com
So how did we prepare? We have been walking, a lot. Al and I walked our butts off last year, about 20 pounds of it at least. We actually haven’t been able to walk as much this spring and summer as last year. The plan was to bump up the walking to 3 days a week and to walk for longer stretches. Well it takes a lot of time to walk, which I have mentioned previously, spare time is a rare commodity with us, we just don’t have any. We leave in just 4 weeks and we haven’t walked once in the last few weeks. So in the training part of our planning, things haven’t gone as planned. In other areas we did better. We researched shoes and socks. Got really light weight backpacks. Yes, we have to carry everything for the 6 weeks on our backs. I wasn’t sure about walking sticks, but we tried with and without and yes somehow they lighten the load on your back by giving you more stability. We bought lightweight clothes as well, because we will have to wash and dry them daily. We have had to learn about euros and international calling. Can I bring my cell phone or I-pad, no and yes. We got Rosetta Stone but hardly ever had time to use it. There’s much more, and as I continue to blog here and in Spain, feel free to ask more questions and I will do my best to answer them.
Until then, be well

One comment on “Why Spain?

  1. mom says:

    good luck to you both. get back to your walking as well.

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